Best Plastic Free Blogs Australia

Best Plastic Free Blogs Australia

We’ve put together a massive list of the best? #plasticfree bloggers in Australia – we hope you find some really interesting and helpful advice for your green and sustainable journey. Each of us, and our own local communities, can do so much more to reduce our impact on the environment as well as wasteful plastic use.


It’s well worth considering reducing, if not completely eliminating, our waste output – especially single use plastics – as soon as possible. It’s no longer enough to merely “aim” for vague outcomes or set “guidelines” for some far off distant date. 2020 was one of those very far off dates – and our combined track record up until this point is regrettable.

Our goal moving forward from 2020 in regards to reducing our reliance on single use plastics is clear. We must shift our focus from “extract, produce, consume and dispose” – a linear consumption model – and instead adopt a circular model. But even as we do this, we must recognise the recent developments with recycling especially in Asia and accept that recycling is no longer a genuine alternative – or part of the loop.

Now, the focus must shift to avoidance or extinction – so we do not use the plastic in the first place. You can read more about this in our list of the Best plastic Free Blogs. The main reason single use plastic straws are such a scourge of the ocean is because they are simply too tricky to effectively recycle. By choosing a reusable metal straw you set an intention and lead by example. So THANK YOU. 😇

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