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We’ll help you get it 100% right everytime.
You may think you can save a buck doing it yourself, but wait until you get dodgy straws, or factory seconds, or mis-spelled laser etching
People choose us because we deliver 100% perfection, 100% of the time.

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For a custom quote please email

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(a) Quantity of straws 
(b) Standard (6mm) width or Smoothie (8mm) width
(c) Straight or Bent straws

Colour of straws. Colours available are silver, gold, rose gold, black and rainbow.

We offer printed canvas carry pouches as well as custom laser engraving of your logo. Oh, and don’t forget our cleaning brushes from as little as 30c ea, and our silicone straws.

We’ll respond with our “best price guaranteed” quote and payment advice.
Once your payment is confirmed at our end, we’ll process your order and you can expect delivery in around 10 days.